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     It was my first time using this service, so I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was absolutely wonderful! The cleaner arrived early, was friendly, efficient, and thorough, leaving everything immaculate. Thank you!
Marquez Keys18/07/2024
     The service was both cheerful and positive, conscientious and thorough. They managed a tough clean exceptionally well.
Alex Hussain08/07/2024
     Excellent staff, impeccable task. Many thanks for your home support.
S. Moody20/06/2024
     They perform their tasks carefully and are very friendly. Highly recommend Northolt Carpet Cleaning Company.
Peter F.10/06/2024
     Very impressed with Carpet Cleaning Northolt and their high-quality cleaning services.
Freda Davies31/05/2024
     The level of expertise displayed by the cleaners at Northolt Carpet Cleaning Company is unmatched - they truly are the best in the business.
Christopher K.17/05/2024
     The admins exceeded our expectations in sourcing suitable candidates who not only met but also exceeded our requirements.
Jade O.29/04/2024
     It's refreshing to find a cleaning service that truly puts their customers first. The cleaner who came by my house was well-trained, motivated, considerate and versatile.
Zania P.16/04/2024
     This cleaning service truly impressed me with their exceptional work! The crew was so hardworking and respectful during their visit this morning. They went above and beyond, showing outstanding customer service that has made me a loyal client. I've already told my neighbor about them and will definitely hire them again.
Julian Roberts30/03/2024
     The trust I have in Northolt Carpet Cleaning Company and their team of dependable cleaners has never been misplaced - they always deliver outstanding results.
Steven S.20/03/2024
     Timeliness is key when it comes to booking services, and this company's team arrived as promised; their end of tenancy cleaning was flawless, and I highly recommend them.
A. Byrne29/01/2024
     They provided us with invaluable support every step of the way, making our experience unforgettable.
Leo H.19/01/2024
     They made sure to go over everything beforehand so there were no surprises during the clean.
Olivia Parks18/12/2023
     The cleaner was spectacular! A great cleaner and a friendly presence in the abode. She may return at any point if desired.
Kris Ford13/11/2023
      Carpet Cleaning Northolt put in a lot of effort to get the job done while causing minimum disturbance.
Tara Ford25/10/2023
     We could not be any happier with our cleaner - she displays an unbeatable commitment when tackling tasks and brings an affable aura to the house.
Laura P.26/07/2023
     Not generally one who does reviews - yet given the fact that their work on our home left me simply amazed, here we are! If you need someone knowledgeable in tidying up homes or other areas - Northolt Carpet Cleaning Company fits the bill perfectly thanks to their exceptional accuracy and competence at managing all sorts of dirtiness tasks!
George H.18/05/2023
     I'm really impressed with the quality of service that Northolt Carpet Cleaning Company provides me. Every instance I've experienced has surpassed my expectations.
Beth A23/02/2023
     My mother in law decided to set off for a visit without letting us know ahead of time. She informed us in the morning that she would be here the following day. The thing about my mother in law is that she always has one thing or another about my cleaning skills or lack thereof. I called what seemed like every single cleaning service and these guys were the only ones able to send out a crew the same day. They had my flat spotless within hours of the initial call. I will be using their cleaning services again.
Nicole Watson21/05/2020
     I searched online for affordable cleaning companies and Carpet Cleaner Northolt came up. I just moved bought my apartment, and I wanted it cleaned. I was happy with the services. Thank you.
Winger Smith20/09/2019
     My husband and I both work at our restaurant. It's hard and the hours are long. We love it, but at home, we have a disaster and it's no pleasure to drag in late to a messy and dusty house. Periodically we call Carpet Cleaning Northolt for a complete top to bottom house clean and they handle the job without a hitch, and for a fair cost. We leave the key at the office and trust them to have the job done before we get home. Never a problem. Recommended.
Tillie T. 28/10/2016
     I loved the simplicity of the booking process. There were no unexpected surprises and everything happened as it was prearranged to take place. This meant that I enjoyed an easy, stress free experience and it's all down to Northolt Carpet Cleaning Services and their excellent customer service team.
     We run a small estate agency near the city centre and have been using Carpet Cleaner Northolt's cleaning services over the past 3 years. The cleaners attend to our workplace twice every week. They are always punctual and work with a smile. They maintain high standards of cleaning service, so we plan to continue working with them in the coming years as well. Great work!
Sara O.19/08/2015
     I've used a lot of different cleaning companies over the years and can say without doubt that NortholtCarpetCleaners are the best by far! Not only have they kept their prices affordable but they include in their approach to customer care what a lot of companies are lacking in, this being an excellent level of naturalism in their manner and etiquette when speaking to new customers like myself. From this aspect alone they stand a mile apart, especially when their staff are also knowledgable about the hands on workings of the industry. Top marks on all fronts from me!
Cliff F.23/10/2014
     I have used NortholtCarpetCleaners several times for different sorts of jobs over the years but now I have moved to a house with carpets I have recently employed them for the first time in the field of carpet cleaning. They were, as I expected from the greatness of their previous work, absolutely great at carpet cleaning and now my carpets are very, very clean indeed. I really like these cleaners and they seem to be able to turn their hand to any sort of cleaning and always seem to be able to do it all very well indeed. I approve of them!
Margaret Sommers09/10/2014
     If you're in the market for home cleaning service, don't forget about NortholtCarpetCleaners! I was very impressed with the manner in which they conducted business. I care very much about the environment, so it was reassuring to find out that all the cleaning agents they use are eco-friendly. Though that's not all that impressed me - they did a brilliant job with the actual cleaning as well. The staff were a pleasure to have around, and the prices were reasonable too. At the end of the day I was left more than satisfied. Every room was left spotless, and there wasn't even a hint of chemical odour. A hearty recommendation from me!
Michelle W.21/08/2014
     I hired NortholtCarpetCleaners for my company cleaning after hearing a fantastic recommendation from a co-worker who uses them for her home. I didn't know they were able to provide office cleaning services, but they are a comprehensive cleaning company that can provide a range of different services. They come on a routine basis and quickly remove rubbish from the bins, wipe of countertops and vacuum. They are able to complete the task before my employees arrive in the morning. I am pleased with their service and couldn't recommend them more.
Naomi Wood18/02/2014